The wars in Syria and Ukraine show a great need to develop new technologies for early CBRN* detection, monitoring, diagnosing, protection and effective communication to limit the harmful effects of such life-threatening exposure – potentially protecting and saving military and civilian lives.

*(chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear)

Watchbird® is a Norwegian medical technology company, dedicated to develop tools for DETECTING, identifying, monitoring, diagnosing and communicating health hazards which individual soldiers may be exposed to during training and operations. The company also develops PROTECTION wear for low level health hazard exposure.

Watchbird´s goal is to improve operational capability of the armed forces and to protect military and civilian personnel from hazardous impact.

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Today, armed forces lack solutions that effectively alerts individual soldiers about a CBRN attack.

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Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces

DETECT – Watchbird® CBRN mini multi-sensor

We are confident that continuous monitoring of essential health functions and instant detection, diagnosis and warning of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats to exposed soldiers and units is key to stay operational in combat and operations. This can be achieved through a robust CBRN mini multi-sensor, where instant warning is communicated to the team and through the chain of command.

The Watchbird® CBRN mini multi-sensor can flexibly be attached to personal equipment, vehicles, drones and weapon systems deployed in the area of operation.

Public support in Norway

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    Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt

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In what way can military technology also be applied for civilian purposes? As new technological advances are developed for military use, opportunities for dual use of the technology or parts of it, will be exploited for civilian purposes.

DETECT – Watchbird® SAFE sensor

We believe in quantifying risk exposure to reduce long term health hazards to the warfighters.

Utilizing designed sensor technology for detecting and monitoring various health risks to which the soldiers may be exposed to during training and operations, such as pressure waves, emission, vibration, gases, etc.

Watchbird® SAFE sensor introduces a fact-based threshold algorithm for risk exposures, together with real time monitoring of health status parameters of an individual.

By combining this information, the Watchbird® SAFE sensor can give an early warning when potentially harmful health risk limits for each individual are reached and thus aid to inform protective measures and treatment.

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Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces

PROTECT– Watchbird® SAFEgaiter®

The Norwegian and Allied Spesial Forces have adressed the need for a low level first line protection against air pollution, emission, dust, blowback etc. Watchbird is together with FFI and our partners developing such a high tech low level facegaiter, called SAFEgaiter. This product is under development.

Watchbird has entered into a 4-year R&D collaboration agreement with Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).

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FFI is the Norwegian Defence Sector’s research institution. With research expertise, and military and political insight, FFI contributes to the Armed Forces’ operational capability and long-term planning as well as strengthens the Norwegian defence industry’s competitiveness. FFI conducts applied research in a wide range of disciplines, and each project has clear practical purposes. FFI collaborates closely with both Norwegian and international research institutions.

International cooperation

Watchbird is, together with FFI, a member of the European Defence Fund (EDF)

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Watchbird is, together with FFI, a member of the 2022 EDF consortium ”Resilience” led by the French CEA ”Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternativees” together with 80 leading European companies, universities, government organizations and research institutions.

Complementing and amplifying Member States’ efforts, the Fund promotes cooperation among companies and research actors of all sizes and geographic origin in the Union, in research and development of state-of-the-art and interoperable defence technology and equipment. The Fund supports competitive and collaborative projects throughout the entire cycle of research and development for a bigger impact on the European defence capability and industrial landscape.

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The Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies ( CEA ) is a diverse central administration body (ODAC) for French scientific research in the fields of energy, defence, information technology and communication, material sciences, life sciences and health, established on ten sites in France.


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US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) is a research and development partner (R&D) to Watchbird and the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) CBRN mini multi sensor development project. DEVCOM is a team of 28000 strong world-class scientists, engineers, analysts, technicians and support staff who are fully focused on empowering America’s Soldiers today and in the future. We leverage cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum effects, autonomy, robotics, advanced energetics, and synthetic biology to give Soldiers the ability to see, sense, decide and act faster than their adversaries.

For more information see web page:

Watchbird has been selected as a partner in the Hacking 4 Allies (H4A) 2023/24 program cycle.

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H4A is a collaborative innovation program between the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Innovation Norway and the global BMNT Inc. – supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and its Defense Attaché Office, the Norwegian General Consulate in San Francisco, and the Norwegian-American Defense Industry Council (NADIC).

H4A sources problems common to both the U.S. and Norwegian national security and defense and uses Hacking 4 Defense (H4D) methodology to help Norwegian technology start-ups address these problems. This is achieved through training & coaching, connection with the problem owner (end users), iterative problem-solving techniques, and introductions to relevant investor-, acquisition- and R&D communities in the U.S.

For more information see web page:

Cooperation and synergies

Watchbird® will develop tailor-made technological solutions, to meet the needs of the defense sector. Some products will be highly relevant and adaptable also for the civilian sector. Our development is dependent upon mutual cooperation between military and civilian research, funding and networking to meet our customers current and future requirements.

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"Taking care of our personnel, customer and partners require up-to-date equipment, training and solutions developed jointly between the most demanding customers and companies who are able to transform real user insight into practical, useful and reliable products."

PhD MD Erling B. Rein

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